Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 Strack & Van Til Apples for the Students Program!


Thank you for donating your time to this worthy cause. Your efforts will not go unnoticed; by all who benefit, the energy you invest in helping your school secure free supplies is appreciated.

 All of the information you need to run a successful program can now be found on the pages of our website. 

With many of your students’ families and community members currently shopping at our stores, your school already has a strong base of support. In fact, the more interest and enthusiasm generated, the greater the benefits to your school.

What better way is there to serve the community than by enhancing the educational environment of our students?



Good luck with your school’s success in this year’s program!


New Schools: Click on the “Register Here” tab, at the top left, and follow the instructions. If your school is not found, contact us at 800-999-7750 for assistance in enrolling your school.

Returning Schools: Click on the “Login Here” tab, at the top left, and update your school using the username and password that can be found in the welcome email.